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Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Emotional and psychological healing could be the most important achievement of your life. Few things are more satisfying than transforming your world and relationships through healing work.


I have been working with individual clients, couples, families and groups in the Sacramento area for close to twenty five years.
My main focus is the facilitation of individuation and self-actualization using both traditional and alternative healing modalities. I also specialize in recovery from abuse trauma both past and present, anger management, treating disorders of the Self, couples counseling and life transition challenges.

I am a licensed psychotherapist (Lic. #MFT35171) in Sacramento, Ca. with an M.A. in Depth Psychology and extensive training in Self Psychology.

Barbara Engelhardt


A Holistic Healing Approach

Tools and strategies for being more ALIVE

Sat on the Rocks

Life Transition Coaching

Dealing with daily life


Relationship Improvement

Maintaining healthy interpersonal bonds

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Abuse Trauma Therapy

Healing the child within

Lovers Hug

Couple's Counseling

Relationship tools for success

The Alive Program

Helping you lead a more fulfilling life


I began facilitating the ALIVE Program in 1999. The ALIVE Program helps people recognize their unconscious, negative choices and overcome control issues and violent behavior. This in turn aids in the reclamation of the Authentic Self.


ALIVE is a referral-based venue, with one group for men and another for women. One can self refer to the ALIVE Program or be referred by another health professional. In either case, there would be an intake appointment in my office to assess appropriateness for the group.


If you want to reclaim your Authentic Self through ALIVE, call for an appointment.


Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.

- Carl Jung

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Barbara Engelhardt, MFT, RD
Lic. #MFT35171
 Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 

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